About us

HÖNES-Clocks - World A Good Time

As a child I tinkered with my first Black Forest Clock. My Love and passion with Black Forest Clocks has lead me to my profession. In 1984 I took over the HÖNES Clock Factory and since this date I have designed and created all the new models myself.

Deeply rooted in the century old tradition of Clock-Making, Black Forest Hönes-Clocks are still handmade near the worldwide known Titisee in a region very famous for its Clockmakers. It is our company’s philosophy today as in the past only to use woodcarvings and clock cases from regional production and to equip all of our clocks with the highest quality movements.

The combination of Design, creativity and animation as well as much love to details makes our clocks the essence of Black Forest high-class workmanship and is loved by our customers worldwide. The satisfaction of our customers is the basis for our continued success of HÖNES-Black Forest Clocks.

Time doesn’t stand still, so it is self-evident that beneath our classical models we will also continue focusing on new innovative designs.

Worldwide the name HÖNES stands for Quality. It is our mission to create and supply the very best from the Black Forest.

Wolfgang Trenkle
General Manager